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"If an inventory is inadequate, out of date, non-existent or if it cannot be proven to have been given to the tenant then the adjudicators are likely to award the deposit to the tenant unless the tenant admits to damage or losses."  


SmartLet will attend the property to meet the Tenant(s) immediately before they move in at an agreed time. The Clerk will take the Tenant(s) through

the Inventory document and highlight the condition of the property and it's contents. Should the Tenant wish to make an additional comment this will be

added electronically to the document.

This procedure allows for discussion with the Tenant(s) and reconciles the findings of the Clerk with the expectations of the Tenant(s), thereby confirming

the contents of the Inventory on the day of Check-in.


The Tenant(s) are asked to electronically sign the Inventory agreeing the document (including any comments they may have added), thus creating a

binding record of the property's condition and contents immediately prior to move-in.

Completing an accompanied Check-in on the start date of the Tenancy also allows for all legal obligations to be met with the recording and testing

of alarms at the property.


During the Check-in the Clerk will also:

  • Test and record/photograph the keys provided to the Tenant(s)

  • Record/photograph meter readings and positions

  • Record the presence and working condition of any smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms 

  • Record any evidence of professional cleaning found at the property (invoice) 

  • Highlight any specific items requiring immediate attention


 The signed Inventory and completed Check-in report will be produced and delivered to specified parties the next working day as standard.


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