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Your property, your choice

As a Landlord, your property is your future. Whether you have one hard-earned property or a portfolio of many, we understand that your investment is extremely important to you.


Whether you are employing a Letting Agent, or managing your let yourself, SmartLet can work with you to provide unbiased and robust condition reports in order to best protect you and your property.

SmartLet can help you meet your legal requirements, we provide the following services:


Inventory, Tenant Check-in, Mid-Tenancy Inspection, Tenant Check-out, Legionella's Risk Assessment, EPC, Floorplan, Gas Safety Certificate, Gas boiler Service.



Ensure you are meeting your legal requirements, SmartLet's qualified and accredited inspectors can provide your Legionella's Risk Assessment, Energy Performance Certificate and Gas Safety Certificate. All certification includes feedback and recommendations where required.

Deposit documentation: 

SmartLet Inventories are accurate, unbiased and unambiguous; tailored to meet the requirements of both the TDS and TDS adjudicators. Same day turnaround is available, and with our free Smart-sign facility we can arrange for the document to be electronically signed by your Tenant(s), saving you administration and time.


SmartLet can meet with your Tenant(s) at the start of the Tenancy and guide them through the Check-in process on your behalf. Not only does this provide a professional and friendly welcome to their new home, it also meets your compliancy needs with smoke/carbon monoxide alarms being tested and recorded on the first day of the Tenancy. All keys, meters and manuals are documented as we walk your Tenant through the Inventory and, importantly, have them sign the document on site.


Come the end of the Tenancy SmartLet can make your Tenant(s) aware of the checking-out expectations, before meeting them on site to collect their keys, and conduct the final inspection of the property. 

Our Check-out reports are robust and evidence based, comparing each item of the Inventory side by side to make for easy comparisons. We can even make use of another company's Inventory to do this.

Should you find yourself in a dispute with your Tenant(s), a robust and un-biased Inventory and Check-in; alongside a professional Check-out report, will provide complete reassurance that the property has been correctly documented, and that all suggestions regarding dilapidations have been recommended whilst taking into account fair wear and tear, and the avoidance of betterment.

Helpful extras

Advertising your property yourself? Consider a SmartLet floorplan for advertising purposes. 

SmartLet viewings provide a friendly and professional viewing guide to meet prospective Tenants onsite on your behalf.

Mid-tenancy inspections allow you to monitor the tenancy and upkeep of the property. This periodic check-up enables you to keep abreast of maintenance issues, and manage your Tenants' correct use of the property.

Our promise.

Our staff will provide a professional and friendly service at all times, allowing you and your Tenant(s) to rest assured that all the correct checks have been carried out to meet all legal compliance requirements, and to enable a fair process when dealing with the Tenant's deposit..

We can advise, we can guide and best of all, we can provide the documentation you need to fall back on.

Smart Landlords call SmartLet.



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