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The Mid-tenancy Inspection takes place at an agreed interval during the tenancy (usually after the first 3 months and then every 6 months thereafter). Landlords and Agents find these interim visits helpful in deciding whether to offer an extension of a tenancy and in monitoring the ongoing condition of the property.


Once you have booked the Inspection we will contact the Tenant(s) in writing to notify them of the proposed date and time of the inspection. we will work with them to agree a convenient date and invite them to be present should they chose to be.

The SmartLet Clerk will attend the property and compile a report summarising the general condition of the property and how it is being kept, looking specifically for any signs of obvious damage, repairs for the attention of the landlord and breaches of the Tenancy Agreement. 

      This inspection is aimed at pointing out signs of:

  • Obvious damage

  • Repairs for the attention of the Landlord

  • Unauthorised occupiers

  • Smoking/drug use in the property

  • Pets in the property

  • Rubbish/refuse build-up which may encourage vermin

  • Visible risks of legionella

  • Presence of corded window blinds

  • Working order of any smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms

Each area /room is individually photographed using dated digital photography.

Additional photographs are taken where required of areas which may assist in interpretation of the final report.


The final report will be produced and delivered to specified parties the next working day as standard.


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