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"Compiling an inventory and schedule of condition is a skill and should be carried out by someone qualified to do so. The inventory is an important document and one that may need to be relied upon as evidence in the event of a dispute.

The inventory is not just a list of items placed in or on the premises; a proper inventory will include a schedule of condition of the property itself as well as the fixtures, fittings and contents. A professionally qualified inventory provider will also be deemed to be impartial and will note the property in the condition in which it is found both at the start and end of the tenancy" Association of Professional Inventory Providers: website 2008.


The Smartlet Clerk will attend the property as instructed and will compile a detailed Inventory including Schedule of Condition, providing an accurate record of each room and all contents including full decoration, fixtures and fittings. Front and rear gardens/balconies and out-houses/garages will be included.

The property should be "Inventory ready";  all works, decoration, cleaning should be complete before the Clerk attends.

Each area /room is individually photographed using dated digital photography. Additional photographs are taken where required of areas which may assist in interpretation of the final report. All photographs are embedded into the report.


The Inventory will include:

  • Confirmation that any relevant furniture complies with The Fire & Furnishings regulations

  • Meter readings, serial numbers and positions

  • Location/type and (where possible) testing of smoke detectors

  • Location and (where possible) testing of Carbon Monoxide alarms

  • Any keys and instruction manuals present in the property

The final report will be produced and delivered to specified parties the next working day as standard.

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