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"All of the [Deposit] schemes are required to offer an ADR – Alternative Dispute Resolution. In the event of a dispute over the deposit which cannot be resolved by the parties, the matter is placed before an adjudicator.


The adjudicators will rely heavily on the inventory and schedule of condition, the check out report and the conditions placed on the landlord and tenant under the tenancy agreement" Association of Professional Inventory Providers: website.


SmartLet can carry out the Check-out Inspection with or without the Tenants being present, as you instruct. If we book this Inspection directly with the Tenants for you we will write to them confirming the appointment and giving general guidelines as to how the property should be left.

During the Check-out Inspection the Clerk will directly compare the condition of the property with that recorded on the Inventory and Check-in Report from an unbiased and independent viewpoint. All changes to the property, above fair wear and tear, will be noted and where possible photographed; the report will make comparison to the same item's condition on the Inventory, and suggest the most reasonable remedy - whether that be cleaning, redecoration, maintenance, removal of the item or compensation.

Each area /room is individually photographed using dated digital photography. Additional photographs are taken where required of areas which may assist interpretation of the final report.

Using this information the Agent/Landlord can fairly assign any possible costs for works/cleaning required at the property. This evidence based report is provided from a completely unbiased view point from a professional Clerk specifically trained in fair wear and tear and the fair apportionment of costs. 

The Check-out report will include:

  • A record/photograph the keys returned by the Tenant(s)

  • Confirmation that all appliances have been switched off

  • Confirmation that all windows /doors are locked and secure

  • Confirmation of any cleaning reciepts provided by the Tenant(s)

  • Meter readings, serial numbers and positions

  • Location/type and (where possible) testing of smoke detectors

  • Location and (where possible) testing of Carbon Monoxide alarms

  • Any instruction manuals present in the property

The final report will be produced and delivered to specified parties the next working day as standard.


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