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Under staffed, staff holiday, or just want to save multiple visits to a property? Book an Open-door Viewing with SmartLet and our professional and friendly team member will conduct the Viewing(s) on your behalf.


We will be onsite at the property for a whole hour to meet your potential Tenants. Book your slot then book as many viewings as you wish within the booked time frame.


SmartLet can conduct 10 minute viewings consecutively within the hour, or an open house viewing with potential Tenants coming and going at their leisure within the booked time slot – its completely up to you.

Our staff member will collect keys from you on the day of the viewing along with the property particulars and any additional information you would like us to convey or give out.


We will introduce ourselves as one of your team and represent your company with the highest degree of customer service at all times.


Upon completion we will return keys along with a Feedback sheet providing details of any leads or follow up information which has arisen from the viewing.


Need more than an hour? Book two or more hour long slots for a real open house experience. Save 10% on any consecutive hour after the first at the same property.

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