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Your property, your choice

“A properly prepared and comprehensive inventory sets the scene for what is provided by the landlord at the start of the tenancy. It therefore plays a significant role in protecting both landlord and tenant.  A detailed inventory will help avoid disputes, whilst any such dispute that does arise about missing contents or condition of the property at the end of the tenancy can be more easily resolved.” 
Chris Hamer, The Former Property Ombudsman


As a Landlord, your property is your future. Whether you have one hard-earned property or a portfolio of many, we understand that your investment is extremely important to you.


Whether you are employing a Letting Agent, or managing your let yourself, SmartLet can work with you to provide unbiased and robust condition reports in order to best protect you and your property.

Our Inventories are accurate, unbiased and unambiguous. We have tailored them to meet the requirements of both the TDS and TDS adjudicators. In addition to the Inventory document, should you require it, we can meet with your Tenant(s) at the start of the Tenancy and guide them through the Check-in process on your behalf. Mid-way through the Tenancy we can arrange access to the property to conduct a Mid-term inspection and report back to you about the upkeep of the property. Come the end of the Tenancy we can contact the Tenant(s) and make them aware of the checking-out expectations, before meeting them on site and conducting the final inspection and collecting their keys. Our Clerks will provide a professional and friendly service at all times, allowing you and your Tenant(s) to rest assured that all the correct checks have been carried out to enable a fair process.

You can rely fully on our reliable reports; enabling you to fairly and reasonably deal with your Tenant(s) deposit, so as to ensure a smooth transaction come the end of the Tenancy.

Should you find yourself in a dispute with your Tenant, a robust and un-biased Inventory and Check-in; alongside a professional Check-out report, will provide complete reassurance that the property has been correctly documented, and that all suggestions regarding dilapidations have been recommended whilst taking into account fair wear and tear, the avoidance of betterment.

What's more, when you book your checkout we will provide you with access to our online deposit calculator - a handy tool for fairly apportioning any Tenants costs.

We can advise, we can guide and best of all, we can provide the documentation you need to fall back on.

Smart Landlords call SmartLet.



SmartLet will never share your information with other companies. We may have offers in the future to send you directly - would you like us to keep in touch?
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