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Completing your Self Service Inventory

Covid-19 response:

Like many Inventory providers we are currently running on a skeletal staff. However we hope to offer a solution. Our Remote Self-Service Inventory provides a simple tool for the Tenant, capturing the condition of the property at move-in, along with key compliance data such as smoke alarm testing, and blind and furnishing compliance.


Whether you are a regular SmartLet client or not, we can help. Just order here...

During the on-going Covid-19 pandemic, onsite Inventory preparations have been effected. 
However we are aware of how important it is that you have the opportunity to record the condition of your rented property so as to protect your deposit. We have therefore created a Self Service Inventory document which is easy to complete, and ready for you to submit at the start of your tenancy. It is made up of easy multiple choice buttons and allows you to enter photographs which will be embedded and date stamped automatically. 
How to use:
You will have received an email inviting you to open your Self Service Inventory template, click on Login Online to begin.
You will see your Self Service Inspection template: Click START REPORT
The template is set up with rooms we have been informed of for your property at the point of booking. The template has the typical layout for each room.  
Work your way through each room. (For this purpose a garden is also referred to as a room)
Start in a room by taking overall photographs: Press the camera icon next to the room name.
Use your device to take at least 8 LANDSCAPE photographs of each room;  2 x floor, 2 x ceiling, 4 x corner to corner of the room. In the kitchen also take a photo of each appliance with the door open. In bathrooms also take a photo of each piece of the bathroom suite.
It is important to record the condition of an item truthfully. Recording the condition as worse than it is may lead to the Landlord disputing the Inventory. It is in your interest to be fair in your recordings, to enable a fair response from your Landlord.
For gardens answer the question regarding condition, Yes or No. To add your own comment press the Note icon to the bottom left of the question. 
For each room, look over each item in turn (door, ceiling walls etc). For each item complete the Condition + Cleanliness by selecting the option which best matches the condition as you see it:
CONDITION - No visible marks or damage OR Minor marks OR Heavily marked
CLEANLINESS - Clean OR Unclean
Walls - Minor marks + clean
Flooring - No visible marks or damage + clean
Window - No visible marks or damage + unclean
To add your own comment press the Note icon linked to the item itself as below:
EVIDENCE: If you are marking an item as being Heavily Marked or Unclean you must include photographic evidence of this to avoid dispute.
Add a photograph to a specific item by selecting the Camera option linked to the item itself, as below:
DELETE an item. To delete an item from the template, for example if your room does not have a window, or a dishwasher, just select the Red Dustbin icon attached to that item.
ADD items. To add an item into a room, for example to add a sofa, or bed, or additional window: Move to the end of the existing room, and simply type your additional item name into the blank item space - this will add it to the list of items in this room. 
PHOTOGRAPH each utility meter.
Add the position (for example: under stairs cupboard) the Serial number, and then the Reading for each meter associated with the property.
Please test all heat, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in the property. It is imperative that this is done on the first day of the Tenancy. 
If you are unable to test an alarm, please give the reason in the Notes section. For example "Alarm is part of integral system for the building" or "Alarm could not be tested as button is broken" etc.
List any instructions manuals present in the property.
  • Record whether all lights bulbs are working. If some are not, list which ones in the Notes section.
  • Record whether all blinds meet current safety regulations. Blinds with a looped cord must hang above 1.5 meters, if the cord hangs lower than this, it must have a break point, or a fixed tie-back present to make it safe.
  • Record whether any padded furniture complies with Fire and Furnishing safety regulations. Padded furniture must have a visible Fire & Furnishings Compliance label attached.
Once you have completed all sections, you may preview your report. Once happy, please SUBMIT FOR REVIEW.
This final report will then be sent to your inbox, as well as to your Letting Agent/Landlord (whomever booked the service with SmartLet.)
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