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No printing. No chasing your Tenants. Secure and automated signing of your Inventory document. Save money, hassle and time!

What is Smart-sign? 

Our Smart-sign system combines our years of experience with a modern approach to the tracking and signing of the Inventory document.  We can now offer you a completely automated system taking all Inventory administration off your hands.

How does it work?


  • Our experienced and expert SmartLet clerk compiles the accurate and un-biased Inventory onsite.

  • The document is completed next working day as standard and the Inventory is sent via tracked email to the Tenant(s).

  • Reminders are automatically sent to the Tenant(s) asking them to sign the document on days 2, 4 and 6.

  • Should the Inventory document remain un-signed on day 7; an automated expiry notice is sent to confirm that no further comments will now be accepted – a copy of the expiry email and document itself is sent to all parties.

  • When the Inventory is returned by the Tenant(s); the signed and dated Inventory is automatically sent to all parties.


All stages are tracked, with a complete audit trail being available if required.

All parties have access to the document 24/7 any time they need it.


Electronic documents and signatures are legally binding throughout the United Kingdom and the European Union.


Save valuable time and hassle – increase your productivity and free up your staff for more specialised tasks.


Smart-sign ensures there can be no debate come the end of the Tenancy as to whether the Inventory has been sent, seen or signed by the Tenants. We will even be able to show if the Tenants chose to open it but not sign it!

How to book an Inventory with SmartLet Smart-sign?

Just log-on to the Client Area and book your Inventory as you normally would! 


Our online booking form will prompt you to provide the email addresses of all parties, and we will take it from there. You will be copied in to all stages of the process and needn't lift a finger!

SmartLet Clerk attends; accurate and impartial Inventory compiled

Turnaround; Next working day as standard, Overnight or Same Day available

Job Done! Inventory admin process covered; more time to focus on other tasks

= Happy Letting!

Digital report sent to Tenant(s) for comments and signature(s)

If not returned -Expiry email sent at 7 days: no further comments now accepted, copy sent to all parties

Signed electronic document submitted by Tenant(s):

copy automatically sent to

all parties

Reminder emails sent to Tenant(s); automatic reminders at 2, 4 and 

6 days

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