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During the on-going Covid-19 pandemic, onsite property visits have been severely effected.
Perhaps you find yourself short on staff, or with health and safety concerns surrounding the normal practices of entering someone's home. Perhaps you are restructuring your team and looking for a new, cost efficient way to deal with mid-tenancy property checks.
We hope to be able to help.

The SmartLet Remote Interim Inspection report provides a clear question and answer tool, through which the Tenant can report maintenance issues, provide information on compliance issues, and raise concerns. Overall room photographs are taken by the Tenant giving the Landlord an overview of the property, and specific photos of maintenance issues can be taken. All photos are automatically dated and embedded. The finished survey is presented in a neat full colour PDF, complete with interactive photo gallery, all ready to be sent straight to the Landlord. 

Just select the Subscription level to suit your needs. Subscription level can be changed any time.


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