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Try "Smart-Sign" and save time!

We are pleased to provide our in-house Smart-Sign system which enables us to offer a modern approach to the tracking and signing of the Inventory document,

Our Smart-sign system offers a completely automated system taking all Inventory administration off your hands:

  • Completed Inventory sent via tracked email to Tenant(s).

  • The Tenants are given the option to add their own comments into the report and asked to electronically sign the document.

  • Mid-point reminder automatically sent to Tenant(s)

  • Should the Inventory document remain un-signed on day 7; the document automated expires and no further comments are accepted – the original document is logged and deemed final and correct.

  • When Inventory is returned; Signed and dated Inventory logged and retain automatically, a copy sent to your office, all Tenants and the Landlord (if you choose).

Electronic documents and signatures are legally binding throughout the United Kingdom and the European Union.

We believe this will save you valuable time and hassle – thereby directly affecting the productivity of your office and freeing up your staff for more specialised tasks. It also ensures there can be no debate come the end of the Tenancy as to whether the Inventory has been sent, seen or signed by the Tenants. We will even be able to show if the Tenants chose to open it but not sign it!

To activate this extra service, simply use our online form to book your Inventory and follow the prompts to provide the email addresses for all relevant parties. We will take it from there!

If you do not wish to make use of this free extra service just choose "No thanks" when booking and we will send your completed report to you directly.

We are really excited to offer this as part of our service, and hope it will be of benefit to you!

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